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A page to sort out who lives where, and with who! We're working on a map of Infinity ... sort of. Maybe. Anyways, for now, just edit the page to put who you live with, so we know who all is where. Or if you're looking for a roommate, so people can find each other perhaps : D Please use the format shown below!



The Mansion

(idk we need a cooler name for it |8 Also for the mansion, maybe having people divided by fandom would be good? To keep things organized;;)


A large mansion on the outskirts of the city, the backyard opens up into a wide space, in which a lake rests at the far end. Feeding the lake is a multitude of waterfalls, cascading down the rocky cliffs that are a part of the mountains that also start sloping upwards at the far end of the backyard. A forest surrounds the backyard, blanketing the mountains and creating quite a cosy feeling. There's definitely enough room for a huge party back here, and the sliding glass doors that lead to the kitchen make for easy food transport during such an occasion. There's also a pool, and a big hot tub~


Inside the mansion, there are more bedrooms than you can imagine on the second and third floors, while the ground floor has large living rooms, a kitchen, a gigantic dining table to accomodate all the people, and pretty much anything else you could ever need in a house. More bedrooms seem to appear over time as more people move in, (as well as a new bathroom once in awhile ;;) so there's plenty of space. Though it's rather luxurious in every way, it's still up to the housemates to bring the food home; so beware before you go drinking someone else's booze ;; Also, since there's so many people here, no one notices if someone who -doesn't- live here pops in; so mansion!threads aren't entirely exclusive XDD




Chi's Sweet Home



Code Geass 

Villetta Nu 

Jeremiah Gottwald - jeremiahorange

Kaname Ougi - ougi_kaname


Fire Emblem (series) 

Haar - lethargic_ronin

Ike - general_hardass

Ike - strokemyragnell

Ranulf - galliancat

Shiharam Fizzart - general_daddy


Metal Gear Solid 

Solid Snake (snakesinboxes)


Persona 3 

Akihiko Sanada (noglovesnolove)

Shinjiro Aragaki (hobosenpai)

Minato Arisato (pimp_minato)

Ken Amada (noneunpunished)

Koromaru (icanhascerberus)

(Please edit to fill this out more; I fail at remembering even half the people XD)



The Too-Cool-For-Persona-3 House 

This house is where Akihiko Sanada [24] (stalkerhiko) and Ken Amada [18] (biggerspear) reside. It's a two-story, two-bedroom. They're currently housing the child form of Shinjiro Aragaki who is too adorable for words


The Joe-Come-Up-With-A-Name-For-Our-House House 

This house is where Joe Kido and Niou Masaharu live. ... It even has a garage despite the fact they have no cars at all, but hey, it gives Niou a place to put all his screwdrivers.  There's also a closet inside packed with board games.  Joe's way too content with this.  Little!Joe also lives in this house with them now 8D

Along with Little!Joe, both Little!Niou and Little!Yagyuu now live with them. C8

Oh, and let's not forget Jim who keeps to himself in the closet.

The Tsusuba House 

This house is where Tsukasa (grasswavemaster) and Subaru (axewoman) live. Tsukasa fails at decorating. 

The Fabulous and Ridiculously Purple House 

This house is where Luluko Lamperouge hermits lives. It's very purple, and the decorations are incredibly fabulous.

The Master Chief's House

 This house has been heavily reinforced by The Master Chief (spartanjohn_117) to the point where it could probably qualify as a fallout shelter. This is mostly because he is often bored. It is also home to his "adopted son" Young!Solid Snake (kiddybox) and the newly arrived Arbiter (prophets_blade).

Villa Raine

 This house is managed by Laguna Loire (goofywriter). It's almost an exact replica of the house he was living in back at his own world owned by his future wife Raine. A small house, only having two rooms. His best friend, Kiros Seagill (loyaltytilltheend) also lives here. It is also visited by Trucy Wright (trucytheamazing), since she thinks of Laguna like an uncle.

The Ace Attorney House Of Sparta MADNESS

This is the house Older Phoenix Wright claimed for himself. It has a garden in the front, maintained by Edgeworth, and Phoenix keeps the car he found (a shiny red ferrari) in the garage.

Housemates: (add yerselves, yeah? :) )

Older Phoenix Wright (hobonick)

Miles Edgeworth (frilly_da)

The Library

Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. used to live in a tent he had set up outside the library, but has since migrated and set up a small personal living space in the back room of the library. It's small, but it fits his needs.

Lelouch Lamperouge also happens to be half-homing in here. It was permanent until Infinity decided to throw snow at him and nearly freezed him to death. At first he had a room in the back he was staying in (which he's somehow modified to be hidden, now; it's private for research), but he's migrated since then.

Altair (eagleandblade) also sort of lives in the library, mostly because he's wary of the modernized houses and it's such an interesting place. He is, however, difficult to find when he doesn't want to be and moves his sleeping place constantly.

Samus' Ship

Samus Aran crashed landed her ship in a field, but has since repaired all functions necessary to life support/living there. It fits her needs as it has a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area, albeit everything is a little compact. A Pikachu that she found also lives with her.

Abandoned Apartment Complex

Jin Shirato lives here by himself, on the 7th floor of the complex. Shinjiro Aragaki and Eiji Kikumaru have visited before. He also has a cat, Hypnos.

(Another?) Abandoned Apartment Complex

Lloyd Asplund (wirebones) and Suzaku Kururugi (britannia_lance) live here, together. Pretty plain, but it's... lively enough. The only notable thing about the location is that it happens to be near some fancy clothing shops.

The Organization XIII House

Many of the Organization members live here together. There is a laboratory in the basement, which is mostly frequented by Xemnas and Vexen.

Rei/Jeremiah's House

It houses quite a few occupants. Complete, with a darkroom for photography, housing Rei (cursed_tattoo), Jeremiah (orenji_frame), Fakir (knightxwriter), Pluto (nekkidpuppy), Kau (aphonicfascade), Kai (iamtheswitch), Fumika (heresthemail), and Allelujah (the_minor_chord).

Shinra Corporation

This is currently the bare-bones foundations of a company dedicated to the  ideals and dreams of it's founding president, Rufus Shinra.  The company specializes in research and production of medical supplies and techniques.  They also do a great deal of charitable work within the community itself.


Current members include: Rufus Shinra (refusingtodie) and Reno (thesexiestturk).


The house where a young Phoenix (i_object_that), Edgeworth (dammitwright), Maya (mayathemystic) and Pearl (mysticpearlfey) all live.

It is the most awesome house since awesome was ever awesomed.

Alice's House of Curiousities

A rambling, crumbling Victorian with a distinct air 'gothic' and 'murder mystery waiting to happen'.  Alice (myvorpalblade) lives here.


The Presidential Palace - Of Prussia. 

Located as the Town Square the building is about three stores tall and looks more as if it'd house some stuffy old president instead of the rambunctious loud mouth self proclaimed embodiment of the country of Prussia. The white building is rather massive and has a dome like roof at the very top, there is also a fountain embedded inside the walk leading up to the building that is usually on with colored lights to make a interesting fountain display.

Those living here so far;

Prussia ( Vitalregionsplz )

Prussia ( vitalregionsnow )

Germany ( lovesauerkraut )

Greece ( ihaztehkittiez-- snuck in while Prussia wasn't looking, is now sleeping in his cupboards.

*If you want to live here- your welcome  to go ahead and move in by adding yourself~ Prussia will take it as a compliment EXCEPT IF YOU'RE GREECE GODDAMNIT.




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Minoctis said

at 12:46 pm on Dec 4, 2008

Tsukasa's idea of decorating is probably NAILING TUFTS OF AROMA GRASS TO THE WALL

Zita said

at 3:10 pm on Dec 4, 2008

Guys, guys, I made the mansion's series/character list a little easier to read by bolding/italicizing the series name and compressing it a little more so there are fewer blank lines.
I hope that's okay.

Rhia said

at 3:33 pm on Dec 4, 2008

Zita, you are awesome. We don't mind it at all. :D

Zita said

at 3:43 pm on Dec 4, 2008


Joe said

at 4:44 pm on Dec 4, 2008

well I guess I better come up with a name then XD

Katey said

at 5:30 pm on Dec 4, 2008

Yeah thanks Zita. It was late and I was just trying to get the page up OTL

Tezu said

at 1:54 am on Dec 5, 2008

Giiiiit to it, Joe. >3

Matt said

at 11:13 am on Dec 5, 2008

Aromatic Grass is awesome, okay? D:

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